Create an effective team


analysis of the team and candidates in terms of the compatibility of psychological profiles



  • The manager forms the team without considering the psychological characteristics of the team members. This often leads to intra-team conflicts, reduced productivity and increases the risk of employee leaving.
  • Lack of people with the necessary soft skills to effectively solve the necessary tasks, taking into account the specialization of the team, e.q., sales, development (employees with different types of character, psychological portraits are required)
  • Difficulty of choosing the right candidate for the team. It is necessary to consider not only the technical skills, but also the psychological characteristics of the candidate.


We give an understandable tool for solving these problems - TEAM CONSTRUCTOR

Each user must pass a small test and then we take over all calculations of intra-team interaction.

What the service includes


Unique test, developed by team of high-skilled specialists

After passing our test, the user receives a detailed description of his psychological portrait

  • Consists of 75 questions, the completion takes an average of 15 minutes
  • Scientific basis: developments by L.N.Sobchik (Theory of leading trends); R. Ackoff, F. Emery. (On purposeful systems.), W. Schutz (Theory of interpersonal relations), as well as studies of congenital and acquired features of the brain.
  • Maintains high accuracy, while being convenient for fast passage
  • Cross-cultural, understandable for all ages in any environment in any language
  • The result is processed and encoded, it is convenient for saving and transferring between services
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Team Building

When you have test results of potential team members, you can predict the interaction between them, whether their common work is stable, responsible and convinient for each other

  • Determine the informal leader in the team
  • Understand the level of mutual understanding and effectiveness of team interaction
  • Determine those with whom or without whom the team will interact more effectively
  • To understand how well this or that candidate will fit into the team in terms of the microclimate of the team
  • Create teams to solve specific problems (sales, service, quality control, etc.)
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For whom is this service

Heads of departments

Heads of departments

to configure teams with suitable personalities or with profiles for special business direction (sales, analytics, creativity, quality assurance, etc.)

HR professionals

HR professionals

find out the psychological profile of the candidate and his best potential compatibility with existing teams

How to use

a.Register now

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b.Pass express test

Find 10-15 minutes of free time, retire and answer the questions of the psychological test without hesitation

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c.Send link to employees

Employees from whom you are going to form teams must pass the test and give you the results

d.Create project

Using the teamconstructor service create your first project

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e.Create a pool of workers

If your employees are registered in the service, then you can easily find their data. If not, you can enter them manually.

f.Form teams

By dragging and dropping your employees` cards from the pool, form several team guards and choose the most effective one.



For every user who wants to know his psychological profile and check his interaction with one partner

  • Personal Area
  • Pairwise comparison
  • Individual profile
39.99 / per month

For every user who wants to form a team and evaluate the effectiveness of team interaction

  • Personal Area
  • Pairwise comparison
  • Individual profile
  • Forming teams and projects

For those, who wants to integrate the service into internal corporate systems, store all data according corporate policies and get the unlimited access to all products with the possibility of its` customization

  • All basic features
  • API integration into corporate systems
  • Product customization for client`s needs

For those who want to receive an individual audit of their team, find out the individual characteristics of employees within the smallest attributes, determine points and ways of development of talents and optimal communication models with them

  • All basic features
  • Detailed in-depth report on employees
  • Recommendations for making optimal management decisions

Frequently asked questions

Data for building the model was taken from numerous experiments carried out on real teams. The model is based on more than 10 years of experience in applying the model in neuromarketing and dozens of successful cases. Now we apply this model to talent management.

Our mission is that a person at work is perceived not only as a function, but also as a personality. The more accurately we can describe the preferences and aspirations of a person, the more comfortable team he/she can find for him/herself.

To develop the test methodology, our team took as a basis more than 40 years of research by L. N. Sobchik, while the form of the test is understandable and based on the American school of psychology. Compatibility is calculated on the basis of the works of R. Ackoff and F. Emery, who developed a theory of the combination of the intensity of display of personal qualities.

No, this is not a horoscope. Try our free test and see how accurately it describes your personality